Chez Fred

August 29th, 2016

Fred Capel heads up Chez Fred, the family run fish and chips shop and restaurant in the heart of Westbourne, a satellite of the seaside town, Bournemouth. Chez Fred has been a neighbourhood favourite among locals and visitors since 1989.

Exterior artwork of Chez Fred in Westbourne

A trained chef with over 30 years’ experience, Fred is a great ambassador for the fish and chip industry. “I love the industry and everything about it. I love the interaction with customers and I love meeting my peers. I have made lots of great friends from all over the UK thanks to the Fish and Chip industry.”

Restaurant of Chez Fred in Westbourne

“In 2012 I visited The Magpie Café in Whitby and I tried their Bespoke Curry Sauce made by Ceres | PFI, quite frankly it was one of the best curry sauces I had tried. I then approached Ceres | PFI to create a unique curry sauce for me as I was not happy with the standard off the shelf curry I was using at the time.” My bespoke curry sauce is a superb product; it has a great flavour and great texture and is not gloopy unlike many of the regular curries on the market. We get superb feedback from customers.

Restaurant of Chez Fred in Westbourne

“We used to prepare our fishcakes from scratch, the hard way, steaming potatoes and cooking the fish. It was a very laborious task. For some time before trialling the Ceres | Fishcake Mix I admit to being very sceptical. I tried Ceres | Fishcake Mix and was extremely impressed. It is an excellent product. Easy to use and very versatile too. My only concern at the time was whether our customers would like them as much as the previous homemade fish cakes we did! We were closing for a refurb and I decided that we would re-open with homemade fishcakes on the menu made using only Ceres | Fishcake Mix.

The Ceres | Fishcake Mix makes a great base for a variety of fish recipes such as Chilli & Lime or Haddock & Mature Cheddar. On our menu we have the Homemade Fish Cake and a Homemade Salmon & Cod Fish Cake.

“In my view, the name of the product sells itself short, the base works just as well without fish, I have successfully trialled it with cheese and we will be adding this croquette to the menu soon. The base mix makes life very easy, it is such a simple way to add different vegetarian options to the menu.

 “There is no skill factor involved in making these fish cakes in fact it is my serving and counter staff who make them at quieter periods.”

Behind the range of Chez Fred in Westbourne

“Gluten-Free is a growing market and we introduced Gluten-Free Mondays in 2011 which has become a very popular day. Ceres | Gluten-Free Batter behaves in a similar way and can be used at the same flow rate as wheat based batter mix. Cooking Fish in Gluten-Free batter generally can be an operational challenge as it is definitely more difficult to work with, but once we found our bearings the Ceres | Gluten Free Batter is very consistent and customers love it.”

Photo of Stelios from Ceres | Pure Food Innovation, Fred Capel from Chez Fred, Harry Niazi from Olleys and Phil Vickery TV Chef

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