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What Florigo Says

Florigo is a leader in developing and manufacturing frying ranges. The continually expanding options makes Florigo a valued supplier to the fish and and chip shop market as well as the wider food service industry.

With decades of experience, Florigo produces bespoke, flexible solutions which always have the requirements of the customer as the starting point. The choices available include advanced Active Triple Filtration systemHalo lighting and Mirror Doors, which all add finesse to a solid and reliable piece of technology.

Started in 1951 by Floris Goes Senior, Florigo is now owned by his three sons, who each have their own area of expertise. A history of experience, expertise, loyalty and reliability for 70 years!

What We Say

Purchasing a frying range is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make so it’s important to keep it in efficient working order. We believe that regular boiling out with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner will help ensure your pans stay in the best possible condition and keep ahead of any potential maintenance issues.

Major benefits of a regular boil out include:

  • Keeps your thermostat probes free of dirt or carbon, giving your frying range more accuracy and better recovery.
  • Prevents a build up of carbon.
  • Reduces the chance of corrosion or pitting in the future.
  • Cleaner tasting fried foods.
  • Longer life from your frying oil.

What You Will Need

How to boil out your Florigo Frying Range

  • Switch on your Florigo and activate heat trace.
  • Set fryers to 60-80°C. When you hit your target temperature, switch off the pan and wait 10 minutes for the residual heat to dissipate from the pan.
  • Open the silver drain valve, pump the oil using the filtration exit pipe and empty it into suitable heat-proof containers.
  • Remove the filter draw and replace it with a large gastronorm tray; this is a good time to wash the filtration draw.
  • Use heatproof plugs to cover the return filter pipe, ensuring they are pressed firmly.
  • Close the silver drain tap, pour water into the pan fill line and switch on.
Pan DescriptionWater Fill VolumeAmount of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner
Fish Pan25 Litres500g
2 Basket Chip Pan30 Litres500g
3 Basket Chip Pan45 Litres1kg
  • Add Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner (see quantities above) to water above 80°C and use your fish utensils to stir as you scoop into the pan.
  • Be sure to use a heatproof plug to prevent water from entering your filtration system.
  • Tip: Leave your crumb filters in the pan so they get a good clean too.
  • Boil the pan for 30-60 minutes, depending on how heavy the soiling is. Set thermostat to 95°C and monitor.
  • Note: Whilst boiling out, do not let the water level fall under the minimum oil line. We recommend topping up with water from a freshly boiled kettle to stay above the minimum oil line.
  • Never leave your frying range unattended when boiling out the pans.
  • Switch off the range and let the pans cool down for 30 minutes or until they reach 40°C.
  • Tip: Fill up a 10-litre bucket of water and pour into the pans to cool down the water and pans faster.
  • Note: If you are emptying water by hand, wait until the oil is around 48°C to avoid serious burns. 
  • Empty the water either by hand or by using the silver exit tap into the gastronorm tray.
  • Never pump water back through your filtration system. If you do, call Florigo service department immediately on 01527 592 000 for instructions.
  • Once the pans are empty, scrub loose or hard deposits with a scratch-free scourer or scraper. Use a brush to gently clean the probes as dirt and carbon can accumulate.
  • Activate your return filtration (gold tap) to ensure no water is in the return pipes.
  • Rinse the pans with clean water and dry with a Ceres Super Absorbent Cloth.
  • Before refilling with oil, give the pans a final once over, checking all return valves for water or oily water. Dry the pans once more.
  • Using a jug, pour some used oil through the bottom pipe to push out any water that might be there. Discard this oil.
  • Close all the silver taps, re-fill the pans with oil or fat, heat up and filter the oil.
  • When the pans have all heated up and filter pipes have stopped dripping you can remove the gastronorm tray, clean and dry the area and replace with the clean dry filter draw. 

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