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Thanks to their durability and speed, many restaurants and commercial kitchens rely on Frymaster fryers. They can cook up anything from fries to juicy wings in a matter of minutes. Regular maintenance is a must to keep these pieces of equipment running smoothly. Our guide shows you how to clean a Frymaster fryer properly.

Below are procedures for popular models, including GF Gas, Footprint Pro-Series and SR Dean Millivolt Fryers. 

Daily Cleaning

The following cleaning tips are standard on all Frymaster models.

Clean the interior fryer cabinet – Use a clean, dry super-absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth to wipe down the interior cabinet. Make sure to wipe the metal surfaces and parts, removing any buildup of oil/fat and dust.

Clean the exterior fryer cabinet – Dampen a super-absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth in a mild solution of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner and water. Use it to clean any oil, fat, dust or debris from the cabinet’s exterior.

Filtering oil or fat – The oil or fat should be filtered at least twice a day. Consider doing it more often if you fry a heavy volume of food. 

Boiling Out the Frymaster Fryer

Boil out the fryer at least once a week. You should boil out daily if you fry a heavy volume of food.

GF Gas & Pro-Series Electric Instructions

Start by closing the fryer drain valve. Make sure the burner is not lit.

Add a mixture of cold water and Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner (150g per 10 litres of water). Fill with the cleaning solution to the lower oil-level line.

Light the fryer and let the cleaning solution simmer for about an hour. On Pro-Series Electric, press the ON/OFF switch to the ON position. On fryers with solid-state analog controllers, set the melt switch to OFF.

After the cleaning solution simmers, turn the gas valve knob to PILOT. Let the solution cool down.

Add five litres of cold water and stir it into the solution.

Use a heavy-duty container to drain the solution from the fryer.

Clean the interior thoroughly using a clean super-absorbent cloth or a microfibre cloth dampened in warm water. Rinse the fryer by filling it with clean water and draining.

Repeat this process at least twice. When finished, dry the fryer with a clean super-absorbent cloth or a microfibre cloth.

SR Dean Millivolt Instructions

Start by making sure the fryer drain valve is closed, and the burner isn’t lit.

Fill the fryer to just below the upper oil level mark with water. Add 150g Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner per 10 litres of water.

Light the fryer to bring the cleaning solution to a boil. Let it simmer for about 30 minutes.

After the solution has simmered, drain and rinse the fryer at least twice with clean water.

Use a super-absorbent cloth or a microfibre cloth to dry out the fryer. Refill with cooking oil when ready. 

Frymaster recommends wiping down the fryer with a light coat of cooking oil, this helps prevent rust from forming.

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