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What Kiremko Says:

Our KFE team works in partnership with QBTEC, Europe’s biggest producer of professional cooking and frying installations, to build a range that’s bespoke to your individual needs

The stylish design options with Kiremko means that you have the modern look coupled with the great performance. For example, all stainless steel work surfaces and panels are seamless for easy cleaning, while intelligent use of high efficiency technology offers the lowest energy consumption coupled with fantastic output. In addition, Kiremko ranges feature various filtration options that protect the quality of the oil, reducing wastage by up to 50%.

What We Say:

Purchasing a frying range is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make so it’s important to keep it in efficient working order. We believe that regular boiling out with Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner will help ensure your pans stay in the best possible condition and keep ahead of any potential maintenance issues.

Other benefits of a regular boil out include:

  • Keeps your thermostat probes free of dirt or carbon, giving your frying range more accuracy and better recovery.
  • Prevents a build up of carbon.
  • Reduces the chance of corrosion or pitting in the future.
  • Cleaner tasting fried foods.
  • Longer life from your frying oil.
  • You mustn’t try to rush this process, instead ensure you have everything ready before embarking on a boil-out.
  • Do not leave your frying range unattended at any time during the process. If you do need to leave the frying range, then switch off the pans via the controllers.

What You Will Need:

How To Boil Out Your Kiremko Frying Range:

  • Switch on the range and get oil to 60°C-80°C depending on your oil or fat. When you hit your target temperature, switch off the pan and wait for a minimum of 10 minutes for the residual heat to dissipate.
  • Open the black drain valve, pump (green handle) the oil using the filtration exit hose and empty it into suitable containers.
  • Note: Wait until the oil is under 48°C to avoid serious burns.
  • Note: If you are unsure, please read your Kiremko manual or call Kiremko service department.
  • Close the black drain valve, remove the crumb filter and seal the return hole with a heat proof plug.
Pan DescriptionWater Fill VolumeAmount of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner
700mm Fish Pan30 Litres450g
1000mm Fish Pan45 Litres600g
3 Basket Chip Pan (with Heat Exchanger)50 Litres1000g
3 Basket Chip Pans35 Litres550g
  • Add Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner (quantities as above) to water above 80°C and use your fish utensils to stir as you scoop into the pan.
  • Note: Whilst boiling out, do not let the water level fall under the minimum oil line. We recommend topping up with water from a freshly boiled kettle to stay above the minimum oil line.
  • Never leave your frying range unattended when boiling out the pans.
  • The frying range is turned off by holding the on/off button. You can start/stop timers (short press) with the same button. The button must be pressed and held until “Off” appears on the screen. (on/off only applies to Argus Controllers).
  • Let the pans cool down for 30 minutes or until they reach 40°C.
  • Never pump water back through your filtration system. If you do, call KFE service department immediately on 01778 380448 for instructions.
  • Once the pans are empty, scrub loose or hard deposits with a scratch-free scourer or scraper. If you have chip pans with heat exchangers, be sure to use a brush to get in between all the holes where dirt becomes trapped.
  • Remove heat proof plug and activate your return filtration (blue) to ensure no water is in the pipes, and use a super absorbent cloth to dry the hole as much as possible.
  • Rinse the pans with clean water and dry them with a Ceres Super Absorbent Cloth.
  • Re-fill the pan with oil or fat, heat up and filter the oil.

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