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Pitco fryers are used by many restaurants and commercial kitchens. These deep fryers can make everything from chicken nuggets to fried chicken in a matter of minutes. That’s why they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Below are instructions for how to clean a Pitco fryer on a daily and a weekly basis.

These procedures are commonly associated with SG/SE and SGM/SEM models. 

Daily Cleaning Instructions

By following these cleaning procedures every day, a Pitco fryer can run at peak performance for years to come.

Wipe down the exterior – Oil and fat can splatter onto the exterior surfaces of the fryer. Use a clean, super-absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth to wipe off any spills. It’s best to do this when the oil is still warm.

Clean the surfaces – Combine warm water with a mild solution of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner in a bucket. Use a clean, super-absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth to wipe down the surfaces. Do not get any water in the oil/fat.

Scrub away stains – If you notice stains from grease or other food remnants, use a non-abrasive scouring powder or scrub pad to clean them.

Weekly Boil-Out Instructions

Every week, conduct a thorough boil-out and clean of the fryer. Follow the instructions below:

Start by draining the oil from the Pitco fryer. Rotate the drain spout to extend into a suitable bucket to drain the fat. (The vessel should be able to hold oil that is 200°C.)

Open the green-handled drain valve to begin draining.

Remove the tube rack and mesh screens from the fry tank. Remove any large debris and remnants.

Close the drain valve and add water and Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner to the fryer. 

Put a large pan under the cleaning drain to catch the cleaning water. Make sure the pan is large enough to capture it all.

Restart the unit. When the temperature gets to 100°C, the system will go into “BOIL” mode.

When the water reaches a slow boil, turn the unit off. Let the fryer soak for about 20 minutes so the oil and carbon remnants loosen up.

After the tank soaks, use a fryer brush to remove remnants from the tank’s surfaces and side walls and the surrounding heating tubes. Do your standard daily cleaning after scrubbing the fryer tank.

Slowly open the green-handled drain valve so the water drains into the pan.

Using a clean, super-absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth, wipe down the fry tank dry. Once it’s dry, close the drain valve.

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