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Many restaurants and commercial kitchens turn to Ultrafryer. Its commercial deep fryers are capable of making crispy French fries, wings and other breaded goodies in just minutes. To keep your fryer running at optimal performance, proper maintenance and cleaning is a must. Below are instructions for how to clean an Ultrafryer fryer properly.

Weekly Boil-Out Procedures

You should boil out an Ultrafryer fryer at least once a week. This helps remove carbon buildup and other grease or residue. Below are the instructions to follow:

Start by making sure all the drain levers are in the ‘up’ position and closed. Then, turn the ON/OFF toggle switch to the ‘off’ position.

Put water in each fryer until it reaches about two inches below the middle line of the “E” in the word “LEVEL” by the upper oil mark. This is located on the rear wall of the fryer.

Add 150g of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner per 10 litres of water.

Turn the ON/OFF toggle switch to the ‘o’ position and place the manual gas valve into the ‘on’ position. Depress and release the start button. Then, depress and release the EXIT MELT button.

As the boil-out solution in the fryer begins to boil, set a timer for 30 minutes. During this time, scrub the front, back and sidewalls of the fryer using a long brush.

While the timer is running, you also should clean the filter tub assembly following the daily instructions above.

After the timer sounds, turn both the ON/OFF toggle switch and the manual gas valve to the ‘off’ positions. Dispose of the boil-out solution in the floor drain. Don’t use the pump to remove water from the fryer. It can potentially cause failure and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Using a scrubbing pad, remove carbon buildup from the top burner. Clean the heat exchanger thoroughly by sliding an end of the pad under each exchanger. Use a pair of tongs to grasp the end of the pad and rock up and down the length of each exchanger.

Use warm water to rinse the fryers until the water coming out of the drain valve is clear.

With dry, lint-free towels, wipe the sides, burner tubes and bottom of the fryer.

Once remaining water is out of the fryer, turn the drain valve up to the closed position. Fill the fryer with fresh oil to the proper level.

Cleaning the Exterior


Clean the surfaces occasionally throughout the day with warm water and a mild solution of Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner. You can use a super absorbent cloth or microfibre cloth pad to remove caked-on residue. Never use steel wool, scrapers or other abrasive materials on the stainless steel.

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