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Like many takeaways during the Covid pandemic, Simpsons in Stroud, Gloucestershire, has seen an upturn in trade. But while this has been great news for the till, the pans on the takeaway’s four-year-old frying range have taken a beating, prompting owner James Ritchie to give them a deep clean. 

In addition to cleaning the pans once a month ahead of its gluten free day, and daily filtration, James boiled out the two rectangular fish pans and two round chip pans using Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner. 

“I didn’t realise how bad the carbon build-up on the pans was, I just knew there were little patches here and there and a bit of discolouring,” says James. 

“When I first boiled the pans out, they looked the same but then as soon as I wiped them over, the carbon just came off. The mild steel pans came up quite clean but the stainless steel ones, I just couldn’t believe the difference.”

With the pans restored, James has noticed the oil stays much cleaner and is lasting longer, but that hasn’t been the only benefit. The boil out also highlighted an issue before it became a potential problem.

James explains: “I knew from our last service there was a small crack in one of the pans and that it would need changing at some point, but at the time I just had it welded. It was something that I had put to the back of my mind until I did the boil out and I could see just how bad it had got. It gave me the push to get it sorted but also it goes to show that carbon build-up can be hiding a multitude of sins. It only needed to be disturbed and I could have been a pan down on a busy Friday night.”

Now that James has boiled out his pans once, he plans to incorporate Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner into his cleaning schedule every few months, or whenever he sees a build-up of carbon. He comments: “At first, I was very mindful of putting chemicals in the pan; I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to get into the filtration system or that any residue would be leftover. But now that I’ve done it once, I know it’s safe and actually an easy job.”

For anyone considering using the boil out method, James recommends buying the aluminium tape from Ceres which covers the return pipe and prevents water or chemicals from getting into the filtration system, and putting your filter traps in the pan. “They will come out like brand new,” he says.

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