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So the countertop fryer is one piece of equipment that often gets overlooked. You can see why it is not the main piece of equipment, but the food that comes out of it is equally as important.

For the most part, shops that have a countertop fryer would be using it for the food that has the most impact on the oil, scampi, chicken, sausages, nuggets, breaded products. All of which leaves a vast amount of fatty acids, water and carbohydrate which burns and turns to carbon and breaks down the oil faster than you would like.

If you are not filtering your countertop fryer and just topping up, then we recommend you discard oil weekly and have a boil-out and rinse before refilling. Being a tabletop fryer it won’t take too long.

Empty the countertop fryer, do not warm up the oil above 75 Celsius. 

Add water to the fryer; make sure water covers the minimum fill line. 

If you want to add your baskets to the fryer then go ahead, might as well give them a good clean.

Switch on the fryer and set to 100c. 


When you get to 60c add the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner.

For every 10 litres of water add 100g of Deep Fryer Cleaner.

Boil for 20 minutes depending on how heavy the soiling is. 

Switch off the fryer, let the vessel cool down for 10 minutes.

Empty the water.

Scrub loose or hard deposits with a scourer.

Rinse with cold water.

Dry the fryer with a cloth (a super-absorbent cloth is perfect for this).

If you have an exit pipe, be sure to run a little oil through it to remove any water.

Refill fryer with oil or fat.

Your boil out is now complete!

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