Burton Road Chippy BBQ

August 19th, 2017 Reading Time: < 1 minute

How to get customers to eat more fish?

Today I visited Burton Road Chippy in Lincoln as they were hosting a Fish & Seafood BBQ by Ben Bartlett. This a fantastic idea to get consumers eating more types of fish cooked in different ways.

As you all know getting consumers in fish and chip shops to stray away from their usual cod & haddock is pretty tough. So how do you go about getting consumers to try something different,  also sustainable, profitable or tasty?

I paid a visit to Burton Road Chippy with the family, and we all enjoyed the Fish & Seafood BBQ. Ben Bartlett sure does know a thing or two about a BBQ. Many came and tasted something completely new to them, it was a fantastic atmosphere.

Well done to Lesley & Des on hosting a great event. I think everyone could do something like this or similar to achieve the same goal of consumers eating more fish and seafood. I suggest you take a look at the MSC website or talk to your fish supplier. A great time to try is for Seafish Seafood Week 6 – 13 October 2017.

Ben Bartlett & Tash Anastasiou at BURTON ROAD CHIPPY BBQ

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