Ceres Pure Food Innovation Launches Podcast Channel

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We are so excited to launch the Ceres Podcast; We hope we can begin where we left off on the Ceres Youtube Interview Series.

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We have had so much feedback from all our friends, customers and youtube viewers and the main point that came out is that people wanted to know more about the guest.

So we have now launched our podcast channel, and we hope we can fulfil that promise.

You can listen to some great episodes by clicking below:

While Mitch loves nothing more than experimenting with the menus at both The Seahorse and Rockfish, he’s very much the driving force behind the decisions that determine the future direction of the business too. In six months time, he wants all the fish on the menus to be MSC certified – which itself will cause challenges as popular items like squid and prawns may well have to be removed – he plans to reinvent the traditional fish and chip takeaway model by opening smaller Rockfish sites, and he’s even launched a fishing boat, setting sail plans to eventually catch all of the fish served at his restaurants. 

Quote from article with http://www.worldofceres.com/mitch-tonks-on-making-seafood-more-accessible/

“I was haemorrhaging probably about five or six thousand pounds a week,” Mark recalls.
“For many years, I was just a really passionate cook whose by-product from doing what I did well was lots of money and I didn’t really care about the finances. And then, after you go through an event like that where your cash flow gets choked and you’re geared up heavily with borrowings to keep growing your business, you come out the other side of that and you’re a businessman. 

Quote from Mark Petrou 

Where can you find the Ceres Podcast;
Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Player FM

If you don’t want to follow the links just search Ceres Podcast in your favourite podcast player.

We look forward to all your feedback.

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