Chequers Fish Bar

August 30th, 2017

The Chequers Fish Bar has been a landmark in the centre of Lenham, Kent for 17 years. Unusually for a fish and chip shop, it opens early for breakfast.

Maz Michaelas explains “We’re in a square full of shops and near a busy transport hub with lots of passing traffic and our big breakfasts are legendary.”

Chequers Fish Bar

Maz inherited the Chequers from his father, it has been in the family since 1974, one of two original fish and chip shops run by the family. Maz and his family have now expanded the family business and run several fish and chips across the south of England.

“I love being part of a community and interaction with customers. I enjoy the challenges of sourcing the best suppliers and making people happy. It is all about customer satisfaction.”

Chequers Fish Bar

“We use the Ceres Natural Batter Mix. I was sent a sample and was pleased to discover that it was actually better than the batter I was using. At that time we were mostly using fresh fish and I found that other batters turned the fish a pinky red. For us, the Ceres Natural works equally well with fresh and frozen fish. The batter stands up beautifully and can cope with fish being cooked longer if necessary. I find the Batter is always better if you mix it nice and early and let it open. Let it stand for 15-20 minutes and then finish it off.

Our customers love Natural Batter Mix, it is so light and has a lovely taste. It is not at all heavy unlike other batters we have tried.”

Chequers Fish Bar

I used to make my own curry sauce and I instructed Ceres to make this for me so I can make it fast and consistently the same time after time. The customers love it and we sell loads. We are selling hundreds of pots of curry sauce every week.”

I like the fact that Stelios does listen. I can call anytime and he is ready to jump in the car.”

Maz Michaelas
Chequers Fish Bar

We are a busy shop, with a team of ten staff and we attract workers during the day and families in the evening. Our plans to open a traditional sit-down fish restaurant are well underway and we hope to be open early next year, no doubt using Ceres products on the menu.”