Zohaib Hussain, Zero Plus Fish Bar

March 22nd, 2019 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Zohaib & Stelios have a good chat about lots of industry topics.

Zohaib Hussain

It was good to catch up with Zo, we have known each other for a good few years, and we always have a good chat. In this episode we discuss how he got into the fish and chip industry, his involvement in the documentary fly on the wall video “frying tonight”, Drywite Young Fish Fryer and current topics. 

What Wales Online said:

A CARDIFF fish shop employee has won the Young Fish Frier of the Year award at the National Fish and Chip Awards 2012.

Zohaib Hussain, of Zero Plus Fish Bar, Canton, is the first winner from Wales in the history of the competition and the first Asian to win any national title at the finals.

Zohaib narrowly missed out on the award last year and said the motivation of attending the awards and meeting his peers in the industry spurred him on to improve his frying skills for this year.

He has helped in the shop owned by his parents since he was young and also has a degree in accounting and multimedia.

Frying tonight https://vimeo.com/117819652

Zohaib Book Recommendation – Warren Buffet – The Essays of Warren Buffet

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