Andrew Crook & Mark Petrou, Roundtable Discussion

Reading Time: 2 minutes

In the first of many roundtable discussions we sit down and talk to Andrew Crook the president of the national federation of fish friers and Mark Petrou from Petrou Brothers in Chatteris.

Roundtable Discussion Episode cover

We discuss most of the listener questions that were sent into Stelios. We will be hosting another roundtable discussion so please do make suggestions or keep sending questions into podcast@worldofceres.com.

Listener Questions:

A good few years ago, Mark Petrou championed the need for an advertising fund to promote fish & chips. We all agree this was a great idea. Should this be picked up again, and how can the industry make this happen?

Does the NFFF Quality Award increase trade?

Do you think regional directors should be able to enter awards? More specifically, Quality Award inspectors being allowed to enter the NFFF Quality Award. 

Do you think the massive increase in people seeking vegetarian/vegan options is something the industry needs to embrace?

Is there anything being done by the supply chain to cut down on plastics in packaging. Any thoughts?

Where do you see the fish & chip trade going over the next few years? 

The impending shortage of sunflower oil, is this temporary or long term? Have lots of chip shops moving across to it caused the deficit or is the cause due to broader reasons.  

What do you think the worst fad in fish and chips is currently food wise or product-wise? 

What advice would you give to shops struggling to attract customers in with prices increasing? 

Do the awards push shops to do unnecessary things?

After meeting so many successful people, what’s the one thing they have in common? 

Do you think the NFFF president but do you think they should own or run a shop so they can see the problems shops face, or should it be someone with more free time who can give more time? 

Do you think a lobby group or just something like the NFFF but for food/hospitality can be created? What technologies can be used or are available that provide significant time benefits and efficiencies?

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