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In this episode, we talk to Mitch Tonks the co-founder of The Rockfish Restaurant Group and the co-owner of the Seahorse in Dartmouth.

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Today’s episode is with the renowned thalassophile Mitch Tonks, he is the co-founder of The Rockfish Group and co-owner with Mat Prowse of The Seahorse in Dartmouth. 

Mitch is truly a proper gentleman, he was really generous with his time on such a busy day and we discussed so many interesting topics. 

“We didn’t do it with building lots of restaurants in mind,” explains Mitch who had visions of cooking away in the one kitchen until he was 70. “We just did it because we thought we could fill the gap between a traditional chip shop and The Seahorse. Between me and my business partner, Matt, we have got nine kids and we were kind of reflecting on where can we go and eat seafood that’s like really good. The answer was nowhere. So we actually started off with a range, frying fish and chips. It was something we didn’t really know anything about. And we thought we could do a good job, being chefs, and how wrong were we! I mean, we made all sorts of mistakes in the beginning.”

Excerpt from the podcast with Mitch Tonks

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