Fish & Chips Range

Crispy, golden and truly delicious, our fish and chip shop batter range will ensure your fish has the perfect flavour and texture.

Yorkshire Batter Mix

Developed with two types of flours, to allow for a low lift and a ripple finish, our Yorkshire fish batter gives you the golden and crispy finish you desire.

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Natural Batter Mix

Launched in 2006, our Natural Fish and Chips Batter Mix is our most popular to date. This batter has been developed to have medium lift and peaks with a natural golden colour when cooked.

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Chip Shop Gravy Mix

A gravy mix tasty enough for the dining table with a robust flavour. The perfect partner for pies, meat, and chips.

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Fishcake Mix

We have sourced three types of British potato flakes, British parsley and a unique blend of herbs and spices to make this easy but delicious fishcake mix.

Need some inspiration? Asks us for recipes; we’re bubbling with ideas.

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Natural pea seasoning

Our Natural Pea Seasoning turns making peas delicious into a doddle. No more using lots of different ingredients and artificial colours.

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Chip Shop Curry Sauce

Today’s Chip Shop Curry Sauce; made for past, present and future customers who want a little extra flavour in a chip shop curry sauce.

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