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frito misto

Every culture does fried food, but Italians do it exceptionally well.

In Italy, fritto misto is nearly always served as a first course and is especially lovely in bite-size pieces. We recommend using our Ceres Alpha Coating here because it really shines and allows the freshness of the seafood and fish to come through.

Fritto Misto is a great summer menu choice, restaurant or takeaway. I couldn’t think of anything better than sitting in the garden with fritto misto and a glass of wine; I think your customers might feel the same.

Sprinkle it with salt immediately after frying, and try serving with delicious Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise or Calabrian Chilli Mayonnaise, topped with a bundle of fresh lemon wedges.


IngredientsWeights / Volumes
Seafood & Fish Selection2kg
Whole Milk500ml
Alpha Coateras needed for marinade and coating
Liquid Oilas needed


  • Talk to your fish supplier and ask what fish and seafood they have that is exceptionally fresh and in season. You can use diced cod, haddock (skin-on), shell-off prawns, scallops, squid, mussels and, of course, whitebait.
  • Add your selection of fish to the milk and refrigerate.
  • When ready to fry, add your fish selection to the Alpha Coater and dredge.
  • Cover for a few minutes to allow the Alpha Coater to absorb some of the liquid. You can double dredge if you want a thicker coating.
  • Once fried, sprinkle with salt immediately and serve.

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