Garry Rosser, The Scallop Shell

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Garry Rosser, The Scallop Shell

Garry Rosser is a good friend of mine, but more importantly, he is an absolute genius when it comes to all things seafood. Garry is the owner of The Scallop Shell in Bath, but he is also a trainer at the KFE School.

It was good to talk to Garry about his journey into hospitality, what is striking is his tenacity to succeed.

In this episode, we discuss:

Being a fishmonger before being a chef.

Working for Mitch Tonks at Fish Works.

The original Scallop Shall in White Row Farm shop.

Opening The Scallop Shell in Bath 2015.

Is there anything you would do different now looking back?

MSC Certification (Marine Stewardship Council)

Having a diverse seafood offering.

Why don’t people in the UK eat more fish?

Buying fish from day boats etc. sustainable, responsible etc

How could other shops promote different fish & seafood to their customers?

How do you decide whether or not a fish you purchase is responsibly sourced? Do you talk and trust your suppliers or go online?

Responsible also means using because of discards would mean it’s dead and not eaten.

Marco Pierre White & Pierre Koffman are regular customers, this must be pretty nerve-racking?

You have also advised MPW on a restaurant in Kent, what did that involve?

About The Scallop Shell

The Scallop Shell is a fish and chip restaurant and seafood grill in the world heritage city of Bath. We serve up traditional favourites like lightly battered, flaky cod and haddock and seasonal delights from the early morning coastal markets. Our chips are peeled and freshly cut from the best seasonal spuds and prepared daily for you in our special spud room.

Driven by a passion for seafood, Garry Rosser returned to the city where his career as a chef began to open The Scallop Shell in 2015. A family-run venture, The Scallop Shell flies the flag for a fresh, sustainable catch from UK waters and Garry can be found front of house most days. Now occupying two floors, with a beautiful alfresco terrace, The Scallop Shell is open for lunch and dinner, six days a week, as well as lunch on Sunday.

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