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In this guide we help you tackle a good old boil out, If you have a Florigo or Kiremko we have put some specific guides together, give us some time, and we should have more. If you are cleaning a tabletop fryer, we have a guide for this too. 

Be sure to talk to your range manufacturer before you’re boil out if you aren’t sure about some of the technicalities. 

There are many benefits in having a proper boil out, cleaner food, longer-lasting oil, general pain maintenance, and so many more benefits. We have put together some do’s and don’ts when it comes to pan cleaning. 

We know it takes some time, but this is so worth it.

Steps to follow:

  • Empty the pans, do not warm up the oil above 75 Celsius. 
  • If your range has filtration, make sure you pump out any remaining oil from the return pipe and squeegee down the exit hole. Make sure there is little to no oil left in the pans.
  • If you have a filter draw, remove and take it for a wash. Pop a deep tray underneath to collect any water drips.
  • Add water to each pan; make sure water covers the minimum fill line. 
  • If you want to add your baskets and crumb filters to the pan then go ahead, might as well give them a good soak.
  • Switch on the pans, if you have a boil out mode, go ahead and use if not set the pan to 100c. 
  • When you get to 60c add the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner & Restorer. For every 10 litres of water add 100g of Deep Fryer Cleaner & Restorer, if you are dealing with very hard soiled fryer then add 150g per 10 litres. Email us if you are not sure how much to add.
  • Boil for 30 – 60 minutes depending on how heavy the soiling is. 
  • Every few minutes use a ladle or jug to use some of the water to rinse the sides of the pans.
  • Switch off the pans, let the vessel cool down for 30 minutes.
  • Empty the water either by hand or exit pipe, be sure never to pump water through the filtration system. 
  • Scrub loose or hard deposits with a scourer, if you still have some hard baked-on carbon then use a scraper to attack the carbon gently. Always leave 1cm of water when scrubbing, feel for carbon with your hands. 
  • When getting in with a scourer or scraper, be on the lookout for any pitting. If you’re not sure what that is we have a guide here.
  • Rinse with cold water, if you have a large tray underneath be sure not to overfill.
  • Squeegee water down the exit hole and use a super-absorbent cloth to take up the last bit of water, be sure to wipe the walls of the pans too.
  • Ladle a bit of oil down the exit pipe to make sure no water is left in the pipes. 
  • Refill pans with oil or fat, heat up and filter the oil.
  • Remove the trays and clean the filtration draw area, and reinstall the clean filter draw.
  • Your boil out is now complete!

If you don’t have a filtration system, then you can empty water with a jug but be sure to wear heatproof gloves in the case and never move oil above 75 Celsius. 

Another option would be to use a wet and dry hoover, but it might be best to let the temperature reduce down some more.

For the best results, you should add a boil out to your maintenance system and do this every 3-6 months depending on how heavy your fryers have been used, if you are discarding oils then be sure to have a light boil out. No point putting good oil in a dirty pan.

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