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Homemade Fishcakes, fishcake mix

Making your own Homemade Fishcakes is so fast and easy, we mean so easy that it is almost criminal. Customers today demand a top-quality offering, and there is nothing sexy about a boxed, processed 30% ‘minced white fish’ fishcake.

Our classic Homemade Fishcakes will make your customers love fishcakes again. Best of all, they take no time to make, and if you use trimmings from cutting down cod and haddock, these fishcakes will be incredibly profitable.

At least once a week someone contacts me about what to do with their trimmings of fish, they don’t want to throw them in the bin, but they do, and they don’t want to serve bigger fish than they have too. 

Making homemade fishcakes has these great benefits

⚪ Profits become more efficient as you can cut your fish to a smaller size if needed and not worry about the wastage. 

⚪ You have already made the bulk of your margin on the first sale of fish. 

⚪ Customers absolutely love homemade food; it makes them loyal to your business because they cannot get what you make anywhere else.


IngredientsWeight / Volume
Haddock or Cod Trimmings3kg
Full Fat Milk1 Litre
Ceres Fishcake Mix500g
BreadcrumbAs Needed
EggsAs Needed

? Milk is one of the best liquids to use, the protein in the milk keeps the fish nice and white when poaching.

? If you want to make them suitable for dairy allergies, swap out the milk for water.

? If you want some more tips we have put together this guide on making the perfect homemade fishcakes.


➡️ Add the trimmings and the milk to a heavy-based saucepan. Poach gently until cooked, set aside, cool to touch.

➡️ Add fishcake mix and fold through ensuring all the milk is absorbed.

➡️ Portion up and press or shape by hand using rice cones.

➡️ Once completely cool, refrigerate your fishcakes separating with greaseproof.

➡️ To cook, dip in beaten egg, drain well, then breadcrumb and fry.

➡️ Serve with homemade tartar sauce.

✅ Use a table-top fryer to keep the oil in your main frying range in better condition.

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