Homemade Fishcakes

November 16th, 2019 Reading Time: < 1 minute

Making your own Homemade Fishcakes is so quick and easy,  we mean so easy that it is almost criminal. Customers today demand a top-quality offering and there is nothing sexy about a boxed, processed 30% ‘minced white fish’ fishcake.

Simpsons serving a homemade fish cake & chips.

Our classic Homemade Fishcakes will make your customers love fishcakes again. Best of all, they take no time to make and if you use trimmings from cutting down cod and haddock these fishcakes will be incredibly profitable.


Haddock or Cod Trimmings – 3kg (or a mixture both)

Full Fat Milk – 1 Litre (milk is one of the best liquids to use, the protein in the milk keeps the fish nice and white)

Ceres Fishcake Mix – 500g

Fresh Natural Breadcrumb – 1kg

Eggs – 10


1. Add the trimmings and the milk to a heavy-based saucepan. Poach gently until cooked, set aside, cool to touch.

2. Add fishcake mix and fold through ensuring all the milk is absorbed.

3. Portion up and press or shape by hand using rice cones.

4. Once completely cool, refrigerate your fishcakes separating with greaseproof.

5. To cook, dip in beaten egg, drain well, then breadcrumb and fry.


Depending on fishcake weight/thickness, we recommend frying at 165˚c for 3-5 minutes. Check core temperature is above 65˚c. This recipe can also be pan-fried.

Why not use gluten-free breadcrumb for this recipe and have gluten-free fishcakes all the time.

If you want to freeze and cook from frozen, you can make a batch and freeze uncoated. A day later, take them out in batches, dip and crumb and pop back into the freezer. Be sure to cook for a little longer to reach core temp.

If you have any questions about making this, e-mail us on info@worldofceres.com

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