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HOW TO: CHIPPING & TREATING CHIPS - Ceres Potato Preparation, chipping chips

For many chipping potatoes is a pretty straightforward process, they don’t give it too much thought, and they turn out great. For others a little more detail is needed, we have broken down the chipping process to help give you all a little head start.


ProcessHints & Tips
Chip potatoes into a chip barrel full of water, agitate chips to remove starch and then drain water, repeat until the water runs clear.The more starch you remove, the better your cooked chips will be. A bonus is your oils will last longer too.
To a ten litre bucket add 10g of Ceres Potato Preparation and mix well. Cover chips, repeat until chips are fully covered.For every litre of water used you need 1g of Ceres Potato Preparation.
Soak the chips in the solution for 15 minutes, then drain the solution and allow the chips to dry for at least 1 hour. If the chips are dry when entering the hot oil the Ceres Potato Preparation will evaporate with the steam.
For best results store in cool, dry conditions. Chips will remain dry, white & ready to fry.
DO NOT RE-SOAK! At the end of the shift, cover barrel and keep in cool, dry room. If you have the room place your dry chips in a large poly bag, press all the air out and pop in the fridge.

Do you have trouble keeping your chips in top top condition, why not try our Ceres Potato Preparation.

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