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We all know how important it is to have a regular boil out of the fryers. The pans on your frying range take a daily beating, extreme temperatures, carbon build-up, polymerisation build-up, and cooked on fatty acids, protein and starch. You couldn’t make up a more volatile situation. 

You must protect and cherish the workhorse that has no doubt cost you a lot of money – if not in initial investment, in ongoing servicing and maintenance. 

Your choices at the moment are to use ingredients that are too weak that they linger and need lots of rinsing. Or a caustic chemical that strips back your fryer to metal, is very harsh and could leave your pan exposed to rust (oxidation).

The Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner is a potent deep fryer cleaner formulated to remove baked-on grease, carbon, starch, protein and fatty acids. But more importantly, it conditions the pan, it doesn’t leave it exposed to the elements, and it doesn’t strip away the natural protective layers. 

Benefits of the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner?

  • Caustic soda free formula, safe for all steel
  • Built-in Tough degreaser
  • Fragrance-free and taint free
  • Manufactured in the UK

For the most part, a frying range costs anywhere up to £150,000 and 95% comprise mild steel pans while the rest are stainless steel. A replacement pan will cost anywhere from £1,000 to £6,000.

The issue with not having a regular washing routine is that the pans will gradually build-up carbon, fatty acids and polymerisation (especially if using rapeseed or groundnut oil.) This build-up will increasingly affect the performance of your pan, not only that but the carbon will impact the oil quality and food quality, especially when it breaks off in cooking. 

Four reasons why you should boil out regularly:

  • Cleaner tasting fried food.
  • Reduces the chance of future corrosion or pitting.
  • Much safer to use compared to caustic soda.
  • Longer life from your frying oil.

For those of you that have a regular boil out routine, you have the following options:

Cleaning Ingredient Issues
Fairy Liquid / DeepioNot very useful, and it is hard to rinse out, thus spoiling the oil that goes in after it. Will not remove heavy deposits. It is also fragranced, which is not really useful if you want to fry food in the fryer after. If you have ever washed anything with Deepio, you will notice it has a residue, this could be ok for a floor or a countertop but catastrophic for a vessel that you fry food in.
Sodium Bicarbonate (NaHCO₃)Very weak on its own, not be very active. Really not a lot to say here.
Soda Crystals (Sodium Carbonate, Na₂CO₃)With a strong concentration and a long boil, this will move a little of the heavy sediment of carbon but doesn't tackle the harder soiled areas. On top of this, you would have to make a strong concentration to make this work and a long boil. Still, the longer and stronger it is, means that you will be exposing the metals and giving much more opportunity for oxidisation.
Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide NaOH)Although effective in stripping away grease Caustic Soda will also strip away protective layers of the metal. I have seen a recent case on mild steel where it was overused, then the operator left the empty pan overnight, and there was a rust formation on the pan. Don't think if you use Stainless Steel you are safe, evidence shows that using caustic soda solution above 60c (where it's mostly effective) will cause damage to the stainless steel and the welds.
Acids / Acetic AcidWhat's cheaper and as readily available than acid in the form of non-brewed condiment. The acid will 'eat' carbon from the fryer, but once again, you will be losing a lot of the protective layers on the metal. Acids are nowhere near as good as washing metal with alkaline.

You will have put much thought and money into buying your frying range so it is absolutely catastrophic to not put the same amount of thought into maintaining your pans. They can cost an absolute fortune – and be an enormous stress to your business – if you have to replace them. 

Don’t just take our word for it. We’ve run a number of tests, taken before and after photos and written some case studies for you to have a look at. 

Our solution isn’t a magic do all, it is a tough degreaser and cleaner for fryers but it still needs a little elbow grease. So don’t be shy, get stuck in. 

Case Studies

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Find out how to use the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner and Restorer.

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