John Molnar, The Cods Scallops

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John Molnar, Cod's Scallops

In this episode, we talk to John Molnar from the Cod’s Scallops Group. John is the co-owner with his wife Helen, and they have four outlets across the east midlands.

If Johns name sounds familiar, that’s because in January The Cod’s Scallops was crowned Independent Fish & Chip Shop of the year winner by Seafish.

It was terrific to get John on the ceres podcast. His journey is fascinating, and he has been through some challenges and probably has a few more as he builds the Cod’s Scallops.

I do absolutely love seafood, and to see something like this rolling out is exciting. Many would consider fish & chip shops doing more of a seafood option as being the future, what do you all think?

We touch on many great topics in this episode;
Tell us about your journey into the food/hospitality business ?
How did Cods Scallops come about?
What inspired the design and feel of Cod’s Scallops?
How have The Cod’s Scallops evolved since its inception?
Being MSC certified.
Private dining above Cods Scallops.
Whats helped you manage people over the years?
Managing with the recent prices increases?
Inspiration to John over the years?
Favourite book?

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