New Dolphin Fish Bar, Caeharris

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Paul Thomas and his family have been associated with fish and chips for many years. As Paul explains: “First my father worked in Fish & Chips and then I worked for him. I expect the reason I enjoy working in the Fish & Chips industry is that I have been bought up in Fish & Chips!!

New Dolphin Fish Bar Paul Thomas

Over 21 years ago I bought this local shop in a small village. I love the fact that I meet different people every day. It is a very friendly way of life.”

“I had known Stelios for a long time before I started to buy from him. I had used many different suppliers in the past then I tried the Ceres Natural Batter Mix and liked it straight away.

‘I am proud and confident that I am serving a good quality product.”

Paul Thomas

The Natural Batter Mix is extremely easy to use and always consistent and, unlike other batter products it has a bit of give. Other batters on the market are not so forgiving if you don’t make it exactly the same way with the exact quantities it can let you down. That is not the case with Natural Batter Mix.

“I make the batter with chilled water at 9am ready for lunchtime and then put it in the fridge ready to start frying.  We start cooking at 11.30 ready to open at 12pm. For the evening, I make the batter up at 2pm, and pop it in the fridge ready to cook at 4.30 ready for 5pm opening. I would say make sure the batter mix is chilled, it will perform even better and produce an even crispier batter.

New Dolphin Fish Bar Paul Thomas

The Natural Batter Mix always has a lovely golden colour. I do make sure that I filter the oil every day as the state of the oil does reflect on the performance and taste of the batter. Oil care is very important for the colour, taste, texture of the batter.”

“Cod and Chips are our best seller. We serve a nice quality fish and the Natural Batter Mix complements it very well. I can’t praise Natural Batter Mix enough and provided that the batter mix is used correctly it cannot be beaten by any other product.