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Why bother with a boil out?

We all do it, don’t we? We buy something new, we promise to look after it and keep it in pristine condition, but before we know it all those good intentions have fallen by the wayside. 

Not surprisingly, many do the same with the pans on their frying range. While I’m sure you’re hot on having your range serviced and I bet you give your pans a regular wipe over with blue roll, can you confidently say you do a regular boil out? Have you ever done a boil out, even? The answer is probably no, after all, it’s a messy job, it involves downtime and the pans work perfectly fine. Don’t they?

What is a boil out?

A boil out is a deep-clean for your pans where a combination of cleaning agent and heat get to work removing the tough grease, grime and carbon that gets burnt on over endless frying cycles. It’s the only surefire way of removing all that gunge and, up until recently, the only option was to use harsh caustic chemicals which, although effective at removing dirt, slowly strip the pans of their metal. What’s more, exposure to the skin and lungs can be dangerous, hence why it’s not a job many relish. 

Last year, however, we developed Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner, a gentle powder formulation that simply needs mixing with boiling water before quickly getting to work on dirty pans. It doesn’t contain any caustic chemicals so it’s much safer for your staff to use and better for the pans. 

The benefits of a boil out

Improved product

Frying naturally causes carbon and polymerised fats to build up on your pans. If left for a prolonged period of time they can transfer different flavours and aromas to your fried food. Get rid of them with a thorough boil out though and you’ll automatically produce a better, cleaner fried product. We’ve had shops notice the difference with just one boil out and their customers have asked what they’ve changed. Is it the batter? The fish? The potatoes? No, all they’ve done is cleaned out the pans. 

Saves money 

Cleaner pans mean cleaner, longer-lasting oil which, in turn, will save you money as you’ll be replacing your frying medium less frequently.

Increases performance 

You might not even be aware of it, but dirty pans can be affecting the performance of your range. For example, it’s very easy for your temperate probes to get clogged with carbon, which means they won’t be giving an accurate reading and you could be frying a few degrees above or below what you think you are. Boiling out your pans will give these a good clean and lead to a more stable temperature. 


Maintaining any piece of equipment will help increase its longevity and ensure it works as efficiently as possible, but the great thing about a boil out is that afterwards, you’ll be able to see the true state of your pans. Until you remove all that built on debris you’ve got no idea what might be lurking beneath. This means you can spot potential problems such as pitting – or worse, a crack – before they cause a major issue. We all know pans go on a busy Friday night and never a quiet Monday morning! What’s more, once you’ve cleaned the pans, our Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner conditions the metal too, helping to protect them for longer.

Cleaner extraction

We’ve had feedback from customers that have regularly used our Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner who say the vapour given off during the boil out has had a marked impact on the cleanliness of their extraction when it’s been inspected. So you’re not only cleaning your pans but also helping to look after your extraction system too. 


A boil out is a grubby job and will take about 45 minutes per pan, but if you can get into a regular habit of doing it, say every three months, it will become a much less laborious task each time. And you’ll see the benefits straight away.

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While boiling out your pans, pop in any grubby utensils and even your baffles to give them a thorough degrease too.

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