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What Demetri says:

“When Stelios explained what he was up to, my biggest concerns were would it be corrosive or would there be any health issues from inhaling it. The safety of any chemical is the first thing we look at, especially if we’ve not used it before. We spoke to Stelios and he answered all those concerns with the facts and explained how the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner & Restorer does not contain any caustic soda, so I was pleased to proceed. 

“I must admit I was really impressed with the result; the pans have never looked better. We do have a rigorous cleaning schedule every night and we have done a general degrease of them but we hadn’t gone to the extent we did with Stelios. Loads and loads of carbon came off, it’s surprising how much can build up over a short period of time.

“I knew what I was expecting as I have boiled pans out before – a boil out will always get off carbon that you can’t get off with a normal clean – but the amount of carbon removal exceeded my expectations. 

“Now we’ve broken the horse’s back it will certainly be a lot easier to stay on top of cleaning the pans and we’ll do it, say, every three months or every six months. The staff have seen how to use it and seen the results too so they are more confident now and it won’t be such a one-man job for me.”



Frying RangeD.O.BPan Metal
Kiremko2015Stainless Steel Chip Pans & Mild Steel Fish Pans

This frying range, although not overly old, has been worked very hard. The entire range is spotless, but the fish pans had a moderate build-up of carbon, and the stainless-steel chip pans had a large amount of carbon build-up. 

This model of Kiremko chip pan holds a lot of liquid, so I knew we would have to increase the dosage because of the increased water, but also because these pans are very powerful and deal with a lot of starch.


It is clear to see from the photos that a significant difference has been made to these pans. The fish pans had zero carbon on them after cleaning and the chip pans had about 10% left in the hard to reach areas. 

With regular cleaning routine, this will get cleaner and cleaner.

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