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Image Credit: Cem Oktem, The Packet Bridge Fish & Chips

What Cem says:

I was really interested to see how the Ceres Deep Fryer Cleaner & Restorer was used. I’ve never boiled my pans out before as I never saw the benefit of it or why it was important. We filter twice a day so the pans get wiped down twice a day with a damp cloth.

I was pretty happy with the results if I am honest, I’ve seen some pan boil outs been done before and it’s taken the pan right back to silver again. To me that takes out some of the seasoning from your pans which makes everything stick to the bottom. This one just doesn’t do that. It takes off the hard carbon and that’s it. 

I think I was chuffed with the pans after, especially the areas that you normally struggle to get to or that need a scourer to get the dirt off. With this boil out, the carbon came off quite easily. I wasn’t anticipating the pan coming out quite as clean as it did. Before refilling with oil I was pretty obsessed by how smooth the pans were.

Moving forward we see the value of a regular pan clean, I think it is so important to keep ahead of the build up. We have two frying ranges and I’ll look at doing it every six months now a part of servicing and keeping on top of the range.

I’ve seen the importance of it now and the difference it makes.


To see how we performed this boil out read our boil out guide.

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