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Mushy Peas Seasoning

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Want to simplify your mushy pea making? Are you fed up with guessing or adding all the individual ingredients? Then why not supercharge your mushy pea making by using the Mushy Pea Seasoning.

The mushy pea seasoning is the perfect mushy pea making companion.


One tub seasons 24 kilos of marrowafat peas !



£ 6.49


The Ceres Mushy Pea Seasoning is an all in one ingredient to boost your homemade mushy peas.

We absolutely love our mushy pea seasoning but so do our customers.

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Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

1.2kg, 6×1.2kg

6 reviews for Mushy Peas Seasoning

  1. Avatar photo

    n.damurakis (verified owner)

    This seasoning is an absolute life saver, it gives me perfectly made mushy peas time after time. I wont use crappy tinned peas, so this is a great way to get great results time after time..

  2. j.dam

    This is such a great product, peas without mushy pea seasoning are just meh..

  3. Avatar photo

    carlomoretto (verified owner)

    As with all Ceres products, this is so simple to use and produces such great mushy peas. Gives perfect colouring and flavouring everytime.

  4. Charlie Collins (verified owner)

    Since using this product my mushy peas are perfect every time and my mushy pea sales have almost doubled

  5. Avatar photo

    Mark Drummond (verified owner)

    We’ve always made our own mushy peas but using the Ceres Pea Seasoning makes the process simple and consistent – rather than having staff add several ingredients in differing amounts we now just use a measure of this so the cooked product always tastes the same

  6. rafael (verified owner)

    Absolutely fantastic product to ensure consistency in every batch of mushy peas we make. Highly recommend this for any operator who makes homemade mushy peas. Since using this product and creating an easy process for all staff to follow our pea sales have vastly increased.

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