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Mick Stevenson at his shop. Mick has given readers a great offer, see below.

Today’s consumers are spending more and more time reading online reviews before buying a product and that includes purchasing a takeaway or eating out at a restaurant. 

While a string of good reviews will help grow your reputation, climb search engine rankings and stand out in local searches, a negative one can easily damage your reputation. It’s not uncommon for customers to disregard anywhere with a three star without even giving it a chance.

One of our customers has developed Chippyrocket.com, a review management system that enables chip shop owners to intercept a negative review before it has the chance to be published. 

Mike Stevenson, owner of Biscovey Fish Bar in St Blazey, Cornwall, developed the software during lockdown. He comments: “Since the pandemic, consumers are paying even more attention to online reviews. If they are out and do an online search for somewhere local to eat and three takeaways come up on google all in walking distance, they’re going to go to the one with the best reviews.” 

Chippyrocket.com works by creating a loyalty programme that enables shops to build a list, gather customers details and start marketing. Customers receive an e-mail asking if they would like to leave a review on sites such as Google, TripAdvisor and Facebook. If that review is a four or five star, it is published straight away, but if it’s three star or below, a pop-up screen asks the customer why they aren’t happy and how they would like the issue rectified. 

flow chart showing the process.

“It grabs that bad review before it goes live and gives the shop owner the chance to put a wrong right,” says Mike. “A shop owner might want to offer a discount on the customer’s next visit or a free portion of fish and chips. 

“I’ve found since using it at my own shop I’ve had nothing but 5 star reviews.”

In addition to helping maintain a clean sweep of reviews, the software also assists shops in developing a vital database that they can continue to market to with offers, promotions and newsletters via SMS message or e-mail.


The first 10 readers to sign up (using this link) will get free signup, thats a saving of £199!!


Mike comments: “It’s very easy for shops to focus their marketing efforts on Facebook and Google ads, but often what they forget about is their existing customers. Instead of just serving them and letting them go, shops should be grabbing their details. If you can offer a better service and make your existing customers happy, they can spread your message for you. 

“It’s paramount to have a database these days so you can continue marketing to your customer base even when your business is closed.”

To find out more, visit chippyrocket

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