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There are many garlic mayonnaise products on the market; I am sure some of them are lovely. However, if you want a profit maker, you need to be able to create sales from it and to create sales, you need to create customers. Customers love food that has been made by you, in house, with real flavours. 

Homemade menu items do create customer loyalty; they will keep coming back for food that they can only get from your establishment. There is no reason why a recipe should take hours to put together; this takes next to no time

On to the roasted garlic mayonnaise, it couldn’t be any simpler to make. You can use fresh garlic, mince and roast it, or you can cheat and buy minced garlic and roast. There is no wrong option here, both are easy, but even importantly, both options are equally tasty.

You may be thinking that garlic is powerful for mayonnaise, but roasted garlic is much less intense and nice and sweet. This might look like a lot of garlic for the recipe, but it is not, you need this flavour to kick through the creamy mayonnaise. 

Roasting garlic changes the chemical makeup of the garlic so that it’s easier to digest. You can eat a lot more garlic if it is thoroughly cooked, with fewer side effects than you would get from eating raw garlic. (If you’re into chemistry, you can read more about this process in the Wikipedia.)


Roasted Garlic Mayonnaise Ingredients

IngredientsSmall Batch WeightLarge Batch Weight
Hellman's Mayonnaise1kg10kg
Peeled Garlic1 Bulb10 Bulbs
Bay Leaf39
Olive Oil2 tbsp10 tbsp


✅ Preheat fan oven to 180 degrees Celsius. 

✅ Add bay leaves, garlic and olive oil and cover with foil, place into the oven.

✅ Roast for 30 – 40 minutes, when ready set aside to cool and discard bay leaves.

✅ Mince garlic and olive oil in a processor with some of the mayonnaise.

✅ Once cooled mix into the rest of your mayonnaise. 

✅ Portion up and chill.

📆 In the fridge, in sealed pots, this would last around five days, but we hope you sell out before you have that issue.

This sauce is a doddle to make; it goes without saying that if you have the menu that suits this sauce, then it will no doubt be a proper profit maker.