Seafish Awards 2020 Roundup

January 4th, 2020 Reading Time: 7 minutes

Award season is upon us and for anyone that follows the Seafish National Fish & Chip Awards, this is an exciting time. For those that are finalists, the countdown is on. 

We thought it would be a good idea to collate all the finalists and awards for everyone to view before the event.

Read on to see who is up for what awards and if you fancy entering the National Fish & Chip Awards 2021, follow this link. Want to be at the Fish & Chip Awards this year? Scroll all the way to the bottom to find out how.

Seafish Awards winners of 2019.
Fish & Chip Shop of the Year award winner, Krispies of Exmouth, Devon, (Tim and Kelly Barnes, pictured) with presenter Phil Vickery at the National Fish & Chip Awards 2019, at the Royal Lancaster hotel in London.

Fish & chips is the healthiest of the traditional takeaways, providing an excellent source of protein along with carbohydrate and many essential vitamins and minerals.

The awards recognise leading businesses across the country that are serving incredible fish and chips and providing excellent customer service.

Shortlisted companies have gone above and beyond to secure their place in this stage of the competition and showcase the nation’s favourite takeaway dish.

The awards are not just about food quality, there are a wide variety of additional factors that make these businesses outstanding, including:

➡️ Excellence in the sustainable sourcing of key ingredients

➡️ Staff training and development policies and career opportunities for young people

➡️ Creation of innovative menu options for those with allergies and dietary requirements

There are several rigorous judging stages to overcome en route to being named the best fish & chip shop in the UK, including mystery shopper judging visits and full business performance audits of premises, followed by presentations to an industry judging panel.

Best Newcomer Award – Top 3

“The future of the fish and chip trade relies just as much on new entrants coming into the industry as it does on the sustained success of established shops. The calibre of entries in this category continues to get stronger every year, which is most encouraging. It’s no easy feat starting a new business, especially in an industry that can be regarded as relatively niche and is already filled with many thriving, long-established businesses.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Fish & Chip Restaurant Award – Top 5

“The UK is world-renowned for fish and chip takeaways, but there are plenty of incredible restaurants serving tasty, healthy fish and chips to sit in customers day in day out.”  ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

NFFF Quality Award Champion – Top 3

This award is at the heart of the wider awards programme; recognising and celebrating businesses that go above and beyond to provide the highest quality fish and chips in an environment of equally high standards. As well as delivering a superior product and service, these businesses have demonstrated excellence and set fantastic standards for the wider fish and chip industry to aspire to. Congratulations to them.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Best Seafood Week Campaign Award – Top 3

“The annual Seafood Week campaign, which celebrates all things fish and shellfish, is a highlight in the seafood industry’s calendar. The initiative encourages fish and chip businesses to engage with their customers to promote the fantastic flavours and health benefits of seafood to inspire more people to eat fish more often. With enticing promotional campaigns that combined innovative marketing materials and techniques, the passion for increasing seafood consumption was evident in these businesses. Congratulations to them all!” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Best Foodservice Operator – Top 3

“This award is proof that you the UK is home to high quality fish and chips in places other than fish and chip takeaways and restaurants. This award category celebrates businesses that don’t solely focus on producing fish and chips, but nevertheless go the extra mile to create great a great tasting product and provide customers with a memorable dining experience. Well done to the shortlisted businesses!” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Marketing Innovation Award – Top 3

“Competition for customers has intensified  with the increasingly wide variety of takeaway food businesses across the UK. Fish and chip shops and restaurants, such as the three shortlisted businesses, have  must keep ahead of the curve by cleverly marketing their business and products to ensure they appeal to both their loyal customers and to potential new customers. All of the shortlisted finalists have demonstrated truly unique marketing strategies, creative thinking and the ingenuity required to set their businesses apart from competitors. While selling a great portion of fish and chips is the cornerstone for any business in the trade, those who have harnessed the power of effective marketing are really reaping the rewards in a fiercely competitive industry.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Menu Development & Innovation – Top 3

“The Menu Development and Innovation Award recognises businesses that go above and beyond to showcase the nutritional value of fish and chips. These three outstanding finalists are a credit to the industry and have worked hard to create menus which highlight versatility on a variety levels including healthy options and dietary requirements. In addition to excelling in this category, each finalist is committed to serving the highest quality fish and chips whilst educating customers on the many nutritional benefits of eating fish and shellfish. We wish them the very best of luck in the final.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

From Field to Frier Award – Top 3

“The National Fish & Chip Awards take great pride in celebrating fish and chip businesses, including one of the most essential components of the nation’s favourite takeaway – the humble chip. With fish sustainability currently high on the agenda with industry and consumers, it’s easy to overlook the significance of potato provenance. Excellence in this award starts with sourcing the right potato. This award not only measures the quality of the chip, it also recognises each business’ efforts to source responsibly, providing customers with traceable and sustainable products. We wish all of the finalists the best of luck for the final.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Good Catch Award – Top 3

“Responsible sourcing is hugely important in the seafood industry, so it makes perfect sense to celebrate the fish and chip businesses that champion sustainability at the National Fish & Chip Awards. The shortlisted finalists have all demonstrated what’s possible when businesses take a proactive approach and promote the importance of sourcing fish in a sustainable way, helping us all enjoy fish and chips for generations to come. Well done to them all for their excellent work to date and best of luck in the next stage of the competition.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Training & Development Award – Top 3

“Supporting new members of staff within fish and chip businesses is essential in ensuring that they continue to thrive. The shortlisted businesses in the Staff Training and Development Award have shown fantastic apprenticeship opportunities, clear staff training programmes and unique ways to help staff to achieve their career goals. We’re extremely heartened to see such great staff training and development at the centre of these businesses, and to see them make their mark within the industry. These businesses are a real credit to the industry and we’d like to wish them all huge congratulations on their achievements to date.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Best Mobile Operator Award – Top 3

“Running a successful mobile catering business is no mean feat – it requires a great deal of commitment, hard work and passion. The 2020 Best Mobile Operator finalists have really impressed the judges by demonstrating impressive levels of promotional innovation and skill in producing fantastic tasting fish and chips. “We’re extremely heartened to see a new generation of mobile fish and chip businesses make their mark with innovative operators jumping on opportunities, such as providing fish and chips at many major events music festivals, and wedding celebrations. These businesses are a real credit to the industry and we’d like to wish them all huge congratulations on their achievements to date.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Seasonal UK Seafood Award – Top 3

“This new award category showcases leading fish and chip businesses which are helping to promote a diverse range of fish species and the availability of great local fish and shellfish across the country. The shortlisted businesses have demonstrated real commitment to quality in a number of areas, not just the product, and have worked extremely hard to earn their place on this list.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Best Multiple Operator Award – Top 3

“This award category showcases the leading multiple fish and chip businesses across the country. The shortlisted operators have demonstrated real commitment to quality in a number of areas, not just food, and have worked extremely hard to earn their place on this list. There’s a tremendous amount of talent to be seen across these businesses, and we wish them all the best for the final as we know how much this competition means to all of them.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

Drywite Young Fish Frier Finalists

“We’ve had an interesting mix of new faces and old hands who have previously entered the Drywite Young Fish Frier of the Year Competition, but all candidates have been highly skilled and very knowledgeable making the results very close. It will be really exciting to see who claims the title this year.” ~ Kelvin Lee, Managing Director of Drywite

Adam Hutton, Alex Walker, Charlie Collins, Jordan Profitt, Stephen Holden.

UK Top 10 Takeaways

“These ten finalists represent the best fish and chips on offer the UK today. They are consistently excelling across all areas and providing their customers with healthy, high quality fish and chips on every visit. Each of them is a credit to the industry and should be commended on the commitment they have shown to maintaining its fantastic reputation. It’s not possible to get to this stage of our awards without giving 100%, and each one of them has shown enthusiasm in spades. We’d encourage anyone who hasn’t paid one of these shops a visit to get down and see for yourself just how good they are. Congratulations to all ten finalists, we wish them all the best of luck.” ~ Marcus Coleman, Chief Executive at Seafish

We hope you will join us in congratulating all of the finalists in all of the categories. We wish you all the best of luck at the awards ceremony. 

Know this, you are all winners.

The winners will be announced at The National Fish & Chip Awards ceremony in London on 23rd January 2020. If you would like to attend the award ceremony, email nikki.hawkins@seafish.co.uk

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