Ceres is well known as the Roman goddess of grain and crops, and we’ve adopted her name to reflect the natural roots of our products.

With an emphasis on providing natural, quality ingredients, our team has decades of experience in supplying quality fish and chip batter mixes to the food industry.

We’re food innovators at heart. Not only do we work with the top fish and chip shops in the country, but we also create genuinely unique flavour combinations for a wide range of restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

Founded by Stelios Theocharous in 2009, Ceres | Pure Food Innovation has worked tirelessly to bring real, crispy batter back to fish and chip shops, using the best natural ingredients.

Over the years our range has expanded, with the introduction of sauces, seasonings and coatings, gluten-free batter mixes, and our bespoke services, which ensure your flavours are truly unique.

We’re not a big fan of artificial flavours and colourings, and that’s why we’ve developed natural, allergen-free ingredients that produce the best end results.

Interested? Take a step into the world of Ceres, and see how we can help you today.

Ceres team

Fishcake preparation

Ceres team

Deep fried with a crisp breadcrumb coating

Ceres team

Served to perfection

Fish & chip range

Our signature range of batter and sauce mixes.

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Looking for a food innovation with a truly unique flavour? We can help you to create it.

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