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Frying Ranges may be one of the most efficient methods for cooking when it comes to the foodservice industry. You may not have considered this, but frying gives you massive volume and consistency, you possibly couldn’t keep up if it were freshly baked pies from an oven or pan-fried scallops. 

You may not be aware, but all pans need what we call a recovery time to function correctly. 

If the pans are used continuously, they may go through this phase more often. Depending on the type of range you have and if you are cooking fish, chips or both in the pan.

Understanding recovery time

The easiest way to understand what a fryer’s recovery time is by the amount of time it takes for the oil or fat in your pan to return to its set temperature. You may not realise it, but when you drop food into your pan, it immediately lowers the temperature. 

One good thing about deep frying is that depending on how much oil is absorbed into the food you’re cooking, it can help your pans to recover more quickly, as well as leave cooked food less oily for your customers. That’s where that awesome crunch comes from that people love so much. 

If you have too much oil in your pan, then the pan will recover slowly, and customers could be waiting too long or being served food that’s a little greasy. If you have too little oil in the pan then the food could be cooking too fast, and the product could be cooked a bit too aggressively (oil will breakdown faster too), worth noting that too little oil will cause your oil temperature to overshoot the target temperature.

Tips to help with recovery time

? Only add food into the pan when the oil is going up in temperature. 

? Newer frying ranges with multiple baskets in the pan will make recovery time less critical, but you have to be careful not to overload the baskets.

? Make sure chips are treated and dry.

? Make sure fish is as dry as possible.

? On busier shifts, turn pan temp up by 5-10 degrees Celsius.

? Make sure you check your pan temperatures regularly with an independent temperature probe, if out call an engineer to calibrate for you.

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