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In my view, fish and chips and a delicious tartar sauce go hand in hand. As many will know, when I have fish and chips I love all the sides, Curry sauce, mushy peas and tartar sauce (homemade where possible).

I am not going to lie; this is a punchy tartar sauce recipe. I find that people either love or hate tartar sauce, so you might as well pack in the ingredients. Of course, feel free to reduce the amount of gherkin and capers. 

The next big choice you have to make is whether you keep it chunky or blitz it smooth.


✅  Mayonnaise provides the creamy base. You can use any mayonnaise you want, but for me, Hellman’s offers a perfect creamy starting point.

✅  Pickles add crunch and flavour to the sauce. We use dill gherkins for this recipe, but feel free to swap this out for cornichons if you want.

✅  Fresh lemon juice is vital for the best tartar sauce. It thins the sauce out so that it’s the perfect consistency for dipping and adds a fresh flavour.

✅  Capers add more flavour and work wonders when mixed with the lemon and herbs.

✅  Fresh parsley is a must for me. If you don’t have parsley, dill is a good alternative but a more robust flavour.

What you will need:

Tartar Sauce Ingredients

IngredientsSmall Batch WeightLarge Batch Weight
Hellman's Mayonnaise1kg10kg
Dill Gherkins200g2kg
English Mustard30g300g
Fresh Lemon Juice50g500g
Sea Salt10g100g
Flat Leaf Parsley25g250g


1️⃣ Add capers, gherkins and parsley to a food processor and pulse.

2️⃣ Add the pulsed pickles to the mayonnaise.

3️⃣ Add all other ingredients and mix.

4️⃣ Chill and serve when needed.


? Here’s the great news, this easy homemade tartar sauce lasts for about a week when stored in the fridge.

Not everyone will want to do a tartar sauce, for some it just doesn’t belong on the menu, for others they don’t have the time, but if it is on the menu do an excellent tartar sauce by hand and promote it as homemade. No one can copy your recipe.

If you are wondering why this is the perfect tartare sauce, I will concede it is not. Perfection doesn’t exist, use the best ingredients you can and make it to your taste.

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