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Thomas Colombo is a professional mixologist, he is the founder and owner of Mambo Mobile Bars and travels the country mixing up drinks.

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We wanted to talk to someone different in the hospitality industry, and I think Thomas is a perfect example with a unique business.

Thomas Book Recommendation:

The Craft of the Cocktail – Dale Degroff

About Thomas:

Meet Thomas Colombo, chief Mambologist and cocktail expert. Born in a hotel in Lake Garda, Italy, Thomas was destined to be part of the hospitality industry from a young age, mixing his first drink behind the family bar aged nine. 

Thomas has travelled the world with his steamer trunk full of Mambo tricks, mixing up cocktails in farflung places across the globe. He found a real passion for cocktails on his travels, discovering new ingredients and techniques, and even serving some famous faces along the way. Thomas delights in classic cocktails but isn’t afraid to invent surprising, quirky recipes, drawing inspiration from his worldwide jaunts with his steamer trunk mobile bar. 

Thomas has worked his way around the world and up through the restaurant trade, and is now taking his skills out and about with Mambo Mobile Bars. Everything about Mambo shows Thomas’ skills and passion, from his unique mixology menus to his charismatic presence behind the bar. Thomas likes to reflect a bit of personality in his drinks, crafting them with quality ingredients as well as a bit of flair. It’s all about mobile mixing that raises the bar in cocktails.

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